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Mechanical Engineering Help

Mechanical Engineering Assignment Help

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Mechanical Engineering, one of the oldest engineering branches that applies basic and fundamental principles of material science, mechanics, mathematics and physics for analysis, design, operation and maintenance of machines and equipment’s. Particularly this field is concerned with the motion of inertia, load and force.

Mechanical Engineers are prepared to contribute their concepts and products in different fields which include Power generation, robotics, construction, aerospace, machine tools, transportation and computer graphics. They have a good concept of engineering mathematics, structural analysis, dynamics, mechanics analysis, material efficiency, fundamentals of thermodynamics and physics. They use different engineering tools such as CAM (Computer-aided manufacturing) and CAD (Computer-aided design) to plan efficient designs for robotics, industrial machine tools, aircraft plants, medical equipment’s, automobile manufacturing plants and electrical systems.

Mechanical Engineering Assignment Help

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Generally, Mechanical Engineering study is organized in areas like Engineering Design, Mechanics, Manufacturing and Energy. These areas help them to create mechanical plant and maintenance system for the growth of technology.

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    Significant applications of machine tools, astronomical clock tower, differential gears, turbine engines were recorded in the ancient medieval period. The invention of the first steam engine (Heron’s engine or Aeolipile) influenced the field of Mechanics and work of Archimedes. Heron of Alexandria described his design in 1st century AD. In the early 19th century, during the Industrial Revolution, a separate field of mechanics was developed in the Engineering field by the invention of Machine tools. This invention leads to the formation of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers in Birmingham, England in 1847.


    Mechanical Engineers are highly in demand worldwide. They not only have technical skills, but they have the ability to get involved in development opportunities in the large-scale business fields. Mechanical Engineers are in demand by Australian employers in accordance with ANZSCO (Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations).

    Generally, Mechanical Engineers are responsible for designing, operation, installation and overseeing of mechanical plants and assembly. They are employed across various industries such as Mining, Manufacturing, transport, Water Services, Power Generation, Technical Services, Aviation and Electricity Services. Some Mechanical Engineers get specialized in other sub-disciplines like noise control device, medical and acoustic devices.

    On a daily basis, Mechanical Engineer needs to perform many duties, below are a few of them:

    • To develop and manage workforce utilization, production schedules, equipment efficiency and facility layout.
    • To organize the delivery of equipments, mechanical plants and other materials.
    • To study project information, responsibilities of workers, area of duplication and functional statements.
    • To analyse work measurement designs for better labour utilization.
    • To establish policies and standards for better quality check, testing, installation and inspection as per safety regulations.
    • To design piping, material capacities and determine the material of any equipment.
    • To coordinate the new design with proper surveys and organised schedule.
    • To handle mechanism and operation of Biomechanics and Autonomous Systems.
    • Examine the aspect of Fluid Mechanics with efficient turbulent flow focus.
    • Intelligent manipulation and translation research.
    • Undertake different research projects for efficient work and low emission technologies.

    The Consulting engineer should be an active participant in the Australian Engineering and consulting communities for having mechanical affiliation with large &small scale industries. They have to provide all the project management services, drafting and other engineering designs.

    • Mechanics: This branch is used to organise and plan the deformations and accelerations of machine tools which are under stress (load). Kinematics, statics, Fluid mechanics, quantum mechanics and Dynamics are sub-disciplines of Mechanics branch. Fluid Mechanic Engineer designs ventilation plant for industries, engines and automobiles.
    • Structural Analysis: It is the branch of civil and mechanical engineering that examines object performance. Here engineers have to deal with two types of structural failure modes like fatigue and static failure. Structural Analysis engineer is a highly demanding professional in laboratories and factories.
    • Technical Drafting: This discipline visually communicates about construction, materials and function of machine and equipment through its designs. Mechanical drafting technician understands all the familiar notations, units, visual layouts and symbols. Sketching, CAM and CAD are commonly used methods of drafting.
    • Robotics: This is the sub-branch of the wide area of the engineering field. As it is the combination of software, electronics and mechanics. The role of robotics engineer is to make an automated machine with the help of special servo mechanism, electric power, efficient design and software.


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    • Basic knowledge of governing and fundamental phenomena of Physics, Chemistry and Mechanics.
    • Ability to use fundamental laws in the engineering system and can solve mathematics problems.
    • Expertise to design components and innovation systems.
    • Understand the designing, processing and maintenance process.
    • Effective written and oral communication.
    • Ability to practise mechanical engineering globally and work with team members to achieve the goal.

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